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Entering the Village of Scotia

VisitScotia.com has a brand new look but will continue to share current and historic photos. We'll also focus on what's new and will be sharing a large amount of our research on the early days in the Village of Scotia and Town of Glenville. You'll find something new everytime you come to visit. If you're a current resident, have memories of growing up here or just planning a trip here we'll always have something new here for you.

Dairy Circus

What started out to be a wonderful spring day in 2016 turned into a sad day for the owners, staff and customers of the historic Dairy Circus. News spread fast about the fire and owners Robb and Doreen Clemons thanked us all for the support but didn't see a new restaurant in the future.

Dairy Circus April 2016

The family had a change of heart and the popular hang out for all ages was rebuilt.

The new Dairy Circus



Across the atreet from Scotia-Glenville High School, students remember the good times that occured over the years. Others remember Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendosa filming a scene from the movie "The Place Beyond the Pines" released in 2012.

>Check out the trailer and you'll see some other local spots like Washout Rd and 1st National Bank of Scotia.

Scotia-Glenville School District

We're not the only ones working hard to present new, more useful websites. Teachers, Parents and Students can now find out anything new and old on the new Scotia-Glenville School District website.


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