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Baby, It's Cold Outside Ice Fishing has been growing in popularity Families Sledding next to the library in Collins Park Ice starting to accumulate behind Freedom Park Ice Jams behind Jumpin' Jack's. Another melt and freeze will be coming.
The year 2017 ended with record-breaking cold. The new year continued this trend with frequent wind chill warnings often hitting negative 45 degrees Celsius. The trend towards frozen roads and frostbite has encouraged some to question scientific warnings about global warming and climate change. Having a background in the scientific community I find myself trying to explain how global warming doesn't just mean we all need skin protection. Recently, a government representative posted on Twitter that the U.S. "could use a little bit of that good old global warming" to combat the cold weather currently gripping eastern states.

It's not hard to agree that we've been having some weird weather this century. One of the symptoms of global warming is "Climate change." There is a difference between the current weather and climate change. Climate change is defined as "a change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns when that change lasts for an extended period of time." Even if you didn't believe global warming is threat our current freezing weather doesn't prove it's fake news. If you really want proof check out the weather this month in Australia. It's so hot they had to create a new color on weather maps. The high this month is 47.78 degrees. For those of us who speak Fahrenheit that would be 118 degrees.

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