Group Fantasy No1

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Group Fantasy No1

Jim had joined the group from an advert he'd seen on a gay website. At first he hadn't believed his eyes, but after contacting the 'leader' and eventually meeting him, he'd been hooked. The guy he'd met had left him slightly stunned. He remembered thick, hard, tanned muscles, big blue eyes, blond hair...and a cock to die for. They'd met in a cafe and chatted for a while, then gone back to Jim's place to get to know each other a little more. Chris, as he turned out to be called, spoke gently to him for a good hour about what their group got up to, where they met, what they liked to do. His eyes never left Jim's the entire time, and his voice was soft and beautiful. Jim had felt himself starting to get a major crush that day, and had vowed he would follow wherever Chris led him.

After that first hour of explanation, Chris had very gently pulled off Jim's clothes, admired his gym-toned body, and declared him of acceptable standard. Chris had then stripped in front of Jim, occasionally giving him a shy smile, and shown him what kind of body the acceptable standard was. Jim had groaned inwardly in delight as his eyes took in the sight of Chris slowly tugging his tight white T-shirt up over his hairless heavily built chest. Next, he undid his button-fly jeans, and tugged them down over equally delicious muscular legs. At this point Jim really did groan, out loud, at the sight of a thong struggling to contain Chris's growing erection.

Chris pulled the front of the thong forward, and gave Jim a peek. Fully hard Chris's cock must have been about ten inches long, and was thick and veiny. He was /circumcised/">circumcised and his cockhead gleamed as the light reflected off tight near-purple skin. The opening at the tip was already slightly filled with transparent fluid, the sight of which made Jim's heart thump in his ears. Chris waggled it about a bit, giving Jim a good look and then he put it away.

"Just a taster." Chris said, and pulled his jeans back up. Jim suddenly realised how heavily he was breathing. This guy had real presence, in a way he'd never experienced before, and all he knew was wwwxxx that he wanted more.

That had been a week ago. Chris was heavily into group sex and he and a bunch of 'friends' regularly /hung/">hung out together and experimented with each other, finding ways to extract exquisite pleasure from each other. All of them recognised the erotic value of a good, strong, defined body, and had spent years building themselves up. All of them were talented lovers, and could drive each other wild. Chris had told Jim to expect a night like no other, and had given him an address to go to at a specific time. Jim, erring on the side of caution, had checked the place out beforehand a few days ago - it was apparently an old warehouse in a quiet area of town, run down, almost abandoned-looking.

Jim's heart raced as he drove towards his destination, his mind aflame with thoughts of ravaging Chris's delicious body and cock. As he pulled up, heart pounding, he saw several other cars parked outside. A group of muscular young men, all of them clean and stylish, had gathered to chat outside the door. Just as Jim got out of the car, another car pulled up - his heart skipped a beat as Chris clambered out. Chris abrubtly went around the side of the building, as the others got back into their cars. Baffled, Jim suddenly remembered he had noticed a garage entrance when he'd first checked the place out. A few minutes later, all cars were parked inside, and Jim was being introduced to the 'gang' by Chris.

Jim literally felt his legs go weak as he was introduced to one muscular, grinning hunk after another. Each of them would have made a boyfriend to die for. After his heart had calmed down a bit Jim took a good look around the building. It had apparently been some form of workshop and had various old wooden workbenches around. Several ancient desks stood around the place, and the occasional patch of carpet smelled musty. It was all pretty old, but seemed fairly clean. When he enquired what the place was, Chris's answer was pretty vague. All he seemed to know was that it was unused, and available to rent for a knock-down price, with no questions asked. They had found it almost a year ago, and had decided then to rent it for a while for the sole purpose of having a place in which to fuck each other silly. The surrounding neighbourhood consisted of similar factory or office buildings, and the times at which the group met meant that the area was virtually deserted. They could scream in ecstacy at the top of their lungs for all it mattered. And it did matter to them - they wanted no interruptions, no distractions, no restrictions. And they wanted it to be a strictly private venue, each member carefully selected for his 'talents'.

Without further ado, Jim was shown to a small plastic storage bin. Each of them had one, and stripped off their clothes and threw them in. Jim turned from his bin and took in his new friends in one heart-stopping moment. Before him stood nine gods, each well-muscled, neatly defined, hard and tanned. Each had at least a seven inch cock. Some were cut, others uncut. Some had smooth bodies, others had hair spread over their chests and/or abs. Jim felt his stomach lurch with lust.

"OK, lets begin." said Chris. "You're most familiar with me, so I'll be your first partner, Jim - just to get you into the swing of it."

Jim thought he would faint as he heard those words. Chris could tell all too well the effect he was having on Jim, and grinned at him. Jim gazed longingly into his blue eyes as Chris walked over to him, cock swaying erect between his muscly legs.

"Where would you like to start, /boy/big-boy/">big boy?"

The others got into two groups of three, and one pair, each group choosing a bench the wwwxxx or desk for their use. Jim simply lunged at Chris, unable to contain himself any longer, and began stroking the smooth skin on Chris's abs.

"Easy, tiger!"

The next few minutes seem to pass in a blur. Jim remembered later rubbing his own hard cockhead against Chris's, then dropping to his knees to worship his newfound god. Chris moaned as he felt Jim slide his hard-on into his mouth. Around them, gasps and groans were starting to build up rhythmically as each group got into full swing. Out of the corner of his eye, Jim could see one black-haired guy slowly wanking off a guy with bleached white hair and an eyebrow ring.

Jim stood again, gazing into Chris's eyes. He didn't want this to stop, and was feeling elated as he realised they had hours of pleasure ahead. Chris grabbed his hand, and slid it across his chest. Jim took the hint and slid his fingers around each and every muscle, feeling the hard hot flesh, and the grooves and depressions where each muscle met another. Jim sank his teeth slowly and gently into Chris's shoulder, then licked across his chest to the other. He gave in to his animal needs and slid his tongue down between Chris's impressive pecs. After exploring each nipple with his tongue, which released cries of enjoyment from Chris, he began licking gently down the vertical groove between Chris's abs. Behind Chris, a short, muscular, brown-haired, dark-skinned guy was gasping around a mouthful of /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. He lay on the bench, writhing as a second stud 
slowly fucked him, sliding his long cock in and out, in and out, in deliciously long strokes.

Jim returned his attention to Chris, sliding his tongue all over his lower abs. Chris gasped with delight as he savoured the feeling of Jim's warm, wet tongue exploring his most intimate spots. It was all Jim could do to keep Chris's bobbing and swaying dick out of the way as he licked. Finally, he gave in. He slid Chris's purple, glistening, throbbing cockhead into his mouth again. The cock was so hard it was unbelievable. Each vein and artery stood out from the shaft, and he could feel them with his tongue. His own cock twitched with pleasure as he slid it deeper into his mouth, trying to deep-throat. Behind him he could hear a hoarse voice crying out another man's name, but it was all a world away. All Jim cared about now was pleasuring Chris.

Chris, however, had other ideas. He clearly wanted Jim's /first-time/">first time at the group to be a mind-blowing experience, and so took over. He pulled him up to a standing position, then marched him over to an old office chair which had been covered with an old blanket. Sitting him down, Chris then dropped to his knees and put his face close to Jim's. Looking straight into his eyes, Chris explained in his soft voice that the new guy always got a blowjob to remember, one that he'd quite possibly remember for the rest of his life. Several of the /fucking/guys-fucking/">guys fucking around them paused and grinned at Jim as they heard this, then resumed their pleasures.

Jim didn't care about anything anymore - he just wanted more. More of this whole experience, more of Chris, more of these men. He was drunk on pleasure already, and sat gazing at Chris. Sat there in his chair, he could see his own cock throbbing, and his big, heavily-muscled legs stretched forward. Between them kneeled the object of his desire, his blue-eyed, blonde-haired god. Chris was grinning at him as Jim's eyes wandered all over his physique, drinking in his hard shoulders, weighty pecs, defined abs. Veined biceps and thick forearms completed his picture. Chris waved a hand in front of him.

"You OK, man?"

"...I love you..."


"I love you!"

Chris merely grinned, then he slid his mouth over the top of Jim's cock. Jim sighed as he felt Chris's velvet tongue slide around his own cut cockhead. Chris licked his shaft from bottom to top as Jim turned his head to watch a hairy-chested guy on his hands and knees getting fucked from both ends. The action was becoming increasingly heated, with some of the guys clearly nearing orgasm. Groans and moans were getting louder and louder, and Jim began to understand just how important this secluded little fuck-den really was to these men.