White Mist

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White Mist

A bright white light seared in my eyes. I squinted shy away the burning. The sound of a heart monitor beeped steadily. A figure in a white coat was turned around, preparing something. I heard the tinkering of metal on metal, and as he turned around, I closed my eyes.

A high toned beep and then I heard in a fake female voice ”Now recording” followed by another beep. ”We have finished the operation. The subject has responded well to the operation and we will be releasing him shortly.”

I had just remembered why I was there. I had to have a small hole in my heart closed. Awkward how I forgot. As I looked around again I noticed that this was not the same room that I had been sedated in earlier. The clock read 2:46 am, and I started at 7pm. The operation was to last only 4 hours, tops.

I was about to stand up and ask what was going on when I felt a prick in my neck, and my vision blurred into a milky white, before fading into darkness.

I woke in my bed; mind you, completely oblivious to the events that happened that morning. I sat against the side, and stretched. I felt surprisingly awake, and stood up, walking to the washroom to do my business. My stomached growled for attention, and so, I walked towards the kitchen.

On my way I paused by the mirror. Something was wrong” I couldn't put my finger on it though” My dirty-blonde hair was messed, but I just woke up. I stepped closer, and saw something strange. My eyes that were originally green were dark grey. As I looked down further, there were incisions on my upper body, and a few on my abs. When I flexed by chest it hurt ” but it was no /surprise/">surprise as I just had an operation. What was weird, however, were the small black marks on my biceps. This was a bit odd, but I came to accept it. It looked kind of cool, and probably would get allot of guys to look at me when he showed off my muscles. Pausing for a second, the fact that he was thinking of impressing guys was a shock. I am straight” but, I just said I wanted to get guys” It was starting to confuse me, and I passed the mirror and walked into the kitchen.

”I have a girlfriend. Why am I suddenly into guys?” I said to myself. Shaking my head, the thought dwindled in my mind. I was seriously confused. Bringing cereal to the couch, I flicked on the television. Some sports should take my mind off of it, I thought. But in fact things got worse. I saw surfing - guys doing stunts in the water, which didn't help me take my mind off of things. Switching the channel again, I saw soccer. Then I looked at the clock ” 3:00! I have to meet up with the rest of the team for 3:30!

Rushing out of the apartment door, and into the hall, I quickly turned back to get my equipment. Dashing out once again only to find that the elevators were particularly slow today, I ran down the stairs. It was a mad dash through 4 blocks to get to the field, and I was sweating bullets by the time I got there at 3:29. At least I got a warm up, I said to myself, sarcastically.

Every guy on my team was practicing, and I ran out towards my buddy Kyle to quickly hide the fact that I was almost late.”Hey, man! I thought you weren't going to make it out here today. I wanted to practice a few dual moves, and I need someone who can handle the ball well.

The practice seemed harder than the other days, probably because of the operation, but my team didn't hold anything against me for that day. They all knew ” even coach Kemsley. Once again, a weird feeling came over me as I started looking at Kyle's body as he played. His ass was nice and high, and he was built like me. His brown hair was long enough to majestically swing as his head moved. A stirring in my pants continued to grow, and I was beginning to question my sexuality. He was arousing me, and I was starting to think of him without any clothes on at all. The ball hit me in the head, and I quickly was snapped back into /reality/">reality. Near the end of practice Kyle and I had near mastered the move, when he tried the sharp jump turn and ended up falling onto the ground. Kyle wasn't one person to scream, but he was obviously in pain. I ran up and looked at him. His teeth were gritted in agony, and his elbow was bleeding badly because of a sharp stone on the field.

Coach was furious as me and a friend carried him out to an aid kit. The grounds should have been taken better care of! Luckily enough, the damage was fixed up fairly fast. ”Head to the change rooms, you two. Kyle will be fine, so long as he keeps that cloth tied around the cut.” Coach tossed me the keys to the change room. ”Lock up afterwards, and put the keys on my desk before you leave, will ya”?” I agreed, and he walked off.

By the time we got to the change rooms, everyone had already left except Jeffrey, who was only packing up. After Jeffrey left we both headed for the showers, but I noticed Kyle was limping. Looking at his ankle I saw it didn't look so great. Kyle noticed I was looking and said ”Don't tell Kemsley” He wants You, Tony, and me on the field. I will be all right for tomorrow, I think”. I was a little unsure” If anything he needed to see a /doctor/">doctor to treat that”

Tossing our towels and cloths onto the railing, we both turned on the showers and stood back waiting for the water to get warm. Kyle stuck his hand in the water and waited. I was drawn to his body almost instantly, and it disturbed me. His built body shone with the light reflecting off of the water specks that bounced off of his hand and onto his chest. My gaze lowered past the V of his hips, and I realized what I was doing, and quickly looked to the side. ”The water is good, it's about time” I hate these showers”

Kyle walked into the shower and I did the same with mine. Although he never noticed, I spent more time looking at him lather his body rather than me washing myself.

When I got home, I couldn't eat anything. My stomach aced in pain, and a bitter taste /hung/">hung in my mouth. It was hell. I went to sleep that night, with hot flashes, which randomly turned into cold ones. I fell asleep from utter exhaustion.

When I awoke the next day, I was shocked to discover that I felt stronger” In fact” I looked stronger. And when passing the mirror once again, I saw something strange. The markings on my arm got bigger. I ate breakfast, and watched T.V. once again. I didn't have to worry today ” practice was in the afternoon. When watching I saw Beckham playing soccer. It was a re-run but I missed it, so it didn't matter. I always was amazed by how he could make the ball curve like he could. He was incredible. Another goal made me nearly choke on my toast. It was a winning goal, and the entire team was cheering. Beckham took of his shirt and threw it too the crowd. A close-up showed him without a shirt, and seeing his sexy body made my crotch nearly rise in approval. I then noticed something odd” My breath was acting like it would in winter. White smoke puffed outwards from every breath. I was a bit shocked, but I then realized why it would happen because when my manhood lay back down, the smoke discontinued. After a while, I was able to turn it on and off whenever I wanted. It was actually kind of fun, and by the time I had to head off for soccer, I had mastered it completely.

When I was walking up to the field, I saw Kyle, and the rest of the team around the doors. When I got closer, they obviously weren't very happy. When I got to the door, a sign read, ”Closed for Repairs”. When I asked Tony, he said that someone messed up all of equipment, and destroyed the field. There was only mud, and dirt.

Kyle and I decided to leave. I invited him to my apartment, because there's a pool at the lower floor. Swimming was our second favorite activity to soccer, and we alwaysraced ” we are very competitive. I won nearly all of the races, and I guess that was because of Kyle's sore ankle, and arm from yesterday.

”God, I am sore as hell from yesterday” I am heading for the hot tub.” Kyle said as he slipped into the tub. I waited a bit at the side holding back laughter when he commented on how bad the heating in the tub was. After, I decided it was too mean to leave the guy out there, and turned on the tub with a knob at the side.
A little frustrated, Kyle then lay back and relaxed. ”Lemmie” see your ankle.” I said, and a foot emerged from the water. I looked closer to see nothing wrong with it, and then was sprayed with water as he dove his foot out and sprayed water into my eyes. When my vision returned, he had this grin on his face before saying, ”That's for the whole leaving-me-out-to-look-like-an-idiot routine you pulled off.” He pulled out his other foot, and I examined the damage. The ankle and the skin around it were bruised pretty badly. ”I can't image how you”d play today. That looks nasty.” I said with a hint of disgust in my voice. I walked out to increase the jets and the heat. When I turned around I saw his trunks off, and being used as a pillow as Kyle lay back.

”Uuuh, for the water to get hot, I need to take out some of the jets.” I said, thinking about how he”d look without the bubbles to conceal his body. ”Fine” he said 'so long as it's hot.” I noticed my breath starting to smoke again, but I didn't worry too much. The steam would make it less obvious. I slipped in again, and saw that Kyle had his eyes closed and his head back. The bubbles subsided, and I let out a long exhale. The smoke curled and stretched all he way across from me, and then I noticed the smoke curling into Kyle's nose.

Kyle immediately sat up. ”Whoa” Did you just feel that?” I tried to look surprised. ”Are the windows opened or something? I felt a bit of a chill.” He said, and I shook my head saying ”no”. When he lay back down, I saw through the slight distortion in the water, that his shlong had risen. Curious, I slowly let out another long breath, and one again, the white smoke floated its way into Kyle's body via his mouth, and nose. He ignored it with a shudder, obviously oblivious to what was going on. I saw a greater rise in Kyle from down under.

I rose out of the water before saying ”Want me to turn up the heat? The water could be better if it was hotter.” Kyle nodded in quiet approval and I turned up the heat. When I got back in, I decided to sit beside him. Kyle didn't seem to mind, and I experimented again with this mysterious white mist.

I was hesitant at first, after all I didn't know what Kyle's reaction would be, but I eventually gathered enough courage, and slowly reached out from in the water, and put my hand on his thigh. Kyle sat up and gave me a weird look. ”What's going on, man?” Kyle said, with a sense of shock in his voice. I let t another breath, and the mist twirled and curled its way into Kyle. He closed his eyes, and slightly arced his back as the mist entered him. I leaned over to kiss him, and he was leaning as well when he seemed to snap back into realization, and backed off. ”What are you doing? What was I abou-” Kyle was stopped with another inhale of the white cloud.

Seizing the moment, I grabbed him with two hands, and kissed him. He was hesitant at first, but slowly, he let loose, and we both were embraced for what felt like forever. My hands caressed his back, and moved down do his hips. I was overcome with such great passion for him. Here I was with this amazing jewel, and he was all mine.

Kyle stopped and said worryingly ”What if someone walks in and sees us?!” I thought for 2 seconds before answering with a grin ”Let em” watch”. Kyle still was a little uncomfortable with the idea, and got up to sit on the edge. Before he could get his trunks, I took in the head of his purple cock into my mouth. Looking up a brief moment, all worry in his face had quickly melted away. He wreathed in pleasure as I continued to make circles with my tongue.

Pausing for a brief moment, I looked up, and asked, ”Still want to go?” Kyle looked at me for a few seconds before bushing me back into the water. We playfully wrestled, letting our cocks brush occasionally, before I pinned him against the side of the hot tub. Kyle was very /submissive/">submissive, and didn't struggle. I pushed the head of my penis against his asshole. Kyle was obviously a little tense. I didn't blame him or I have never done this kind of thing before. I told Kyle to relax a little, and eased one finger into him. When he was a little more relaxed, I was able to do two, and before long, I was able to fit my entire dick into him. I moved in and out slowly. I felt that my cock was hitting something spongy, and when it did, Kyle was moved with delight. 

I began to quicken the pace, thrusting my cock into him faster, bringing it out and it repeatedly. With my left hand, I grasped the ridge in front of his hip, and with my right hand, I quickly jerked him off. Our balls lightly hit each other with every thrust, and Kyle tightened his ass. I felt the friction on my manhood increase as I fired my load into his ass. A few seconds after, Kyle's cock twitched as he shot out his cum into the steaming water. We both lay there, leaving my cock in him as it softened. When I pulled out, he turned around and we embraced each other once again. Afterwards, when we were both drying off, I noticed a black mark on his arms.

Eventually, Kyle and I moved in together. We still go to school, and play soccer, but I have come to accept what happened to me. My old girlfriend, god bless her, remained close friends with me, even now. Kyle and I plan to full hd xvideo download move to Toronto free porn movies download when we are old enough and finish University ” we plan to get married there. I never found out what happened that strange day when I received my operation, but I am glad it happened at all.