The afternoon Id never forget

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The afternoon Id never forget

It was a quiet Friday afternoon, and I finally had the rest of the day off. It's a nice change compared to the hectic schedule I normally have. I was laying in the back yard next to our pool, catching some rays (and maybe a few Z's). I woke up when I heard someone jump in and yell "WAKE UP HONEY!"

After wiping the sleep from my eyes, I look and notice that my girlfriend has invited herself over for a nice afternoon spent with me.... skinnydipping. She comes over to the side of the pool and looks at my now rock-. "He he, looks like someone has the same idea as me. Except there's one more part I haven't mentioned." 

"....huh? What else is there? I'm sitting here with a boner from Hell, you're naked and there's MORE?!?" "Yea, I invited a few of my girlfriends over. You know, Sandy, Lucy and Jill? You met them at the company last month." "Yeah, I remember them. They're the ones that I thought were almost as beautiful as you." 

My girlfriend, Jesse, chuckles a little bit. "Yeah, your recollection is right, but they are far more than me." "Nah. No one is as astonishing as you." "If you say so." "I do. I'll be right back."

I go inside and use the bathroom real fast. For some reason I always use the bathroom before I even think I'm going to have sex. I just have this phobia that I'm going to be doing my thing, then all of a sudden, I have to take a piss, or worse, a shit. I look at myself in the mirror and just start thinking out loud. "Oh my God. I have never been in more than a one-on-one intercourse session. Now it's going to be me and 4 other very ." I start breathing heavy, so I go the kitchen and get a class of ice water and chug it down. After I relax, I get out a Moon Mist Faygo out of the fridge and head back out to the pool. When I get out there, Sandy, Lucy and Jill are all there with Jesse enjoying a beer, naked. I start breathing heavy again xnxxv sunny leone video and am about to turn back inside when Sandy calls, "Hey sexy man. Get down here and join our little nudist club." "Aight." 

Now let me give you a little insight as to what I'm seeing here. Jesse is the epitome of the Irish chick. She is almost 6'0 and has straight red hair, down to hershoulder blades with green (not hazel but GREEN) eyes. Her pussy is shaved and has a respectable 38C cup. It's not the biggest I've ever seen, but it fits her body perfectly. Sandy has short blonde hair and is about 5'6". She has from what I can tell, maybe 36D tits. The thing that grabs me about her is her eyes. They're grab-you-by-the-throat blue. Lucy isn't the most attractable of women, with short curly black hair, typical brown eyes, and maybe 26B breasts. But with her, it's her personality that is to kill for. I also hear that she's a virgin, which is a shame. Jill is the one that has everything a massive pervert (such as myself) could ask for: hazel eyes, straight, long black hair, 36E tits and from what I hear, a shaved pussy. 

"You coming sweetie? We can't wait to get our hands on that 8" rod of yours." "Yeah. I'm coming." As soon as I sit down, Sandy is already taking my cock out and putting her full ruby red lips around it. I do the only thing I can do, put my head back and put a hand on the back of her head. Jesse comes and stands next to me and sticks her pussy right in front of my mouth, so my tongue can get in there. Lucy and Jill lean against me and I start playing with both of their tits at the same time. Already I feel the first orgasm coming. "I'm cuuuuuummmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg!" "Mmmm.." moans Sandy as I fill her mouth with shot after shot of cum. "Honey, you need to cum at least 8 times we decided, once in each of our pussies and once in each of our mouths." "Holy shit. I'm going to be fucked ." "Probably." I'm going limp inside Sandy's mouth but she starts sucking immediately trying to clean me up and make me hard again and she finally succeeds. She takes her mouth off of me for the and French's me, just to prove that she swallowed it all. "So what hole is next?" she asks. 

Lucy jumps on and rides me, and puts both of her breasts in my mouth. I take on sucking one at a time, first one then the other. All the while she is riding me and using her vaginal muscles to milk me. I fill her full of cum, then she jumps off and puts my dick in her mouth, and then gives me head until I cum again. I can barely move already, considering I have cummed three times, and for a guy in only about an hour, that's a lot. 

Sandy jumps on my soon to be hard again cock and works it up, all the way to her cervex. "OK sexy, I like it rough, and I want my cervex to be bleeding when we're done." Well, with the 8", that shouldn't be too hard. So I tell her to lay down and I get on top of her and use all of my muscle to fuck her as hard as I possibly can. She is screaming with every thrust. "Oh... my... God... Jesse.... Where... did... you... find... this... sexgod...?" Jesse rips her nails into my back and real forced anal against her will leaves trail marks as she experiences the hardest orgasm she has ever experienced. Her legs lock up as she is hanging from me. It hurts a little bit, but I am also a masochist, so it's cool for me. I finally cum into her and pull my dick out. "Sandy, you're not on your period are you?" "No. Why?" "Good, then you're bleeding very badly from your cervex." she looks down and my dick is covered in blood. Jill splashes some pool water on it and kisses it up and down. "Tastes fine now."

I go and get a quick sip of my Faygo, trying to get a breathing second when all of a sudden I feel my balls being sucked by Jill. I never thought that there was someone who was more perverted than I was, but I guess I was wrong. I have never seen a group of people so horny before in my entire life. While sucking on my testicles, Jill is also jacking me off, just enough to make me hard, but not enough so that I start bleeding. She is very compassionate and understands that I don't want that much more right now due to me already having 4 orgasms in 90 minutes. I look over and see a love triangle going on with Sandy, Lucy and Jesse eating each other out, making out and licking tits. Jill takes her breasts and starts having me tit fuck her while standing, but keeping her lips on the head of my penis; when I cum, it'll be all into her mouth. And I finally do. This was one of my hardest ones yet, due to the variety of it. She chokes for a minute, but then swallows it. She misses a couple of drops and wipes them off, then sucks her finger clean. "So now I just have your pussy and then Jesse, right?" "Yeah." So she sits down on one of the ledges and wraps her legs around me. I put my cock in her and go slowly, with also being at this angle, it's up high enough to play with her entire clit. She is moaning loudly and speeds up. Finally I cum into her, but it's a weak one. But it's still there. 

After seeing me cum, Jesse announces that it's time for all her friends to go. "But what about you?" asks Sandy. "Don't worry, I'll get my turn tonight. I just wanted to give him variety, but tonight'll be my special night. Right sweetie?" she says, with my cock in her hand. Her friends leave and I take Jesse out to dinner. We go see a movie and come back late. "Babe, I am going to bed." "I'm coming honey." 

We crawl into bed and Jesse asks, "So did you like what I did for you today?" "Yes, I did. It was certainly a most pleasant . Thanks." "Anything for my man." Needless to say, we wind up having one of the best sessions of sex that we have ever had. Both of us had nothing to do on Saturday so we fucked until dawn and then finally fell asleep after we watched the sun come up.