Helping the new neighbor Part II

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Helping the new neighbor Part II

Well, it is good to see you again my friend! I am glad you can take the time to read my latest true experience with my new neighbor! Remember last time I told you about helping her to hook up her washer and dryer. It was fantastic! I never had a woman suck my dick like that and fucking her was out of this world. But I had one regret, I did not get to /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-her-in-the-ass/">fuck her in the ass! Remember she has a fantastic ass. Nice and round and firm! You could crack walnuts with that thing.

Well this morning I was driving home from the store. I had to run up to get a few things for the wife. She was at work and seems to never have time, now that I work at home. Then again she never has time for me, the gym or anything else except for food and those damn computer games! Anyway, back to the important stuff. I had just turned up our street and I was heading toward my house when I saw Cheryl, the /hot/hot-new/">hot new neighbor walking down the driveway towards the street. /sweet/">sweet Jesus she looked terrific! She was barefoot and wearing these short, short, dark blue shorts and a light blue pull over tee shirt that looked like it was two sizes to small. As I approached porn videos download she waived me down. So I pulled over to her driveway and I rolled down the window.

"Hi you good lookin hunk" she said with a smile. "Hi Cheryl how you doing today" I asked earnestly. "Well, I would be fine except for two things" she said "I have some furniture I need to move and my asshole of a husband is out of town until Sunday." "Well, that is only four days away, not long to wait" I offered. "To long for me" she said as she pouted. Then she looked at me with a sly grin and said "Unless I can get my friendly neighbor to help me again?"

It did not take me long to agree! I had nothing in the truck that had to get to a refridgerator right away so what the hell, right! I looked her straight in the eyes and I said "I will be glad to help but what kind of compensation do I get for my effort? It cost me /money/real-money/">real money when I am away from my office." "Well, I am game for what we did last time" she offered. "I dont know Cheryl that would depend on how much you need moved" I countered. "Well....come in and see what I need done and then we can talk" she replied "besides I dont want the other neighbors to know we have a special arrangement."

So as she headed for the house I backed the truck up and then pulled into her driveway. She was in the front doorway by the time I got out of the truck. You know me, I was wearing my regular jeans, running shoes and a short sleeve shirt. Nothing fancy for me. As I pass her in the doorway I ran my hand across her ample chest! She has great tits and she had no bra on! My dick started getting hard right then. I had to think of my wife to get it to go down again. LOL!

The room was larger than mine but the layout was similiar. It was "L" shaped with a diningroom table in the alcove with the rest set up as a living room. The room itself looked straight but really not in any order. Some furniture was on the couch as well. I sat on the arm of the couch and I looked at her for a second before I spoke. Damn she was good to look at!

"Okay sweetie, what needs to be done" I asked. She smiled and then said "First, this...." and she walked over and kissed me long and hard. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth! She lips tasted like cherry! I kissed her back and as I did I let my hands slid down to her ass and I gently squeezed those lushish orbs! She just giggled. Then we stopped kissing after a few minutes as she said "We got to stop or nothing is going to get done!" I laughed and said "Okay, again, tell me what you move!"

She looked around and said "I need this couch moved over there on that far wall, and I need the two stuffed chairs here in front of the window." "That is easy enough if you help me move it" I offered. "Of course I will help" she said "I just cant do it alone!" "Fair enough" I said as I started to get up off the arm of the couch. "Well, that is not the hard part" she interjected. "Oh...what else" I asked. "Follow me" she said.

Now friend you know me and pussy! I would have followed her into hell if it meant that I could fuck her! So I followed her down the hall to what turned out to be the /master/">master bedroom. Then she turned and said "The movers put this dresser here instead of the guest room across the hall." Then she pointed to this huge wardrobe closet. "Honey, that thing must weigh a ton" I stammered. "I dont think I can move it with you and a couple of men" I continued. "Darn, it is right in the way Duke....please try" she begged.

"Okay what is it going to cost me to get you to help me today" she said with a big smile. I know she was thinking that I would be interested in a great blow job or another round of her fine pussy. But my mind was around the other side of her fine frame. I wanted that ass so /bad/">bad! I looked at her and grinned as I reached down and put my hand on her firm ass. "Oh, no! No way Duke" she insisted. "I have never had it in the ass before and your /dick/big-dick/">big dick will not fit either" she insisted. "Okay, nobody is going to make you" and I turned and headed down the hall for the front door. "But arent you going to help me? I will do anything else" she insisted.

"No, sorry I want a piece of your ass and even more now that I know that I will be the first" I said. "But it will hurt like hell" she said. "Maybe" I said "but so will straining my back." "You want it moved or not" I replied. She looked at me and then looked back at the furniture. "Okay, I will tell you what, you move that big thing and I will try and let you /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass. But if it starts to hurt to bad you have to stop" she said dejectedly. "Deal" I said. Then I turned and headed out to my truck. "Where are you going now" she whined. "I got to get my gloves and some equipment" I said over my shoulder as I walked out.

When I got to my truck I got my leather gloves, you know those heavy leather ones I use working on barb wired fences. I then reached in the back in my tool box and I got those four teflon pads that I used to move the big alter over at the Baptist church last fall. I headed back into the house.

Cheryl was waiting in the bedroom. I know that it was unfair for me to not tell her about the teflon pads but like I said I really wanted to /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-her-ass/">fuck her ass! I lifted up each leg of the big monster and I had her slid the pad under the foot. In just a few mintues I had all four legs on the pads. I was even surprised at how easy it was to slid it on the wood floor. Cheryl was flabergasted that I had it moved in just under a half hour and set up in the guest room. We then moved the furniture in the living room. It was all done in just over an hour.

"Now I guess you want payment" she said apprehensively. "Well, a deal is a deal" I said with a smile! "Come on" she said as she headed back down the hall to the master bedroom. When we got in there I shut the door and locked it. I did not want her getting away. Cheryl walked over to the nightstand on the far side of the bed and she reached into the drawer and took out some K-Y jelly. "My husband uses this when he uses his "toys" on me" she said as her face turned red. "Toys" I said with a puzzled look on my face. She then reached into the drawer again and she took out a dildo that was about a foot long and a smaller one that vibrated.

I walked over to her and I took the small one and the K-Y jelly. Then I said "Okay here is the deal baby. You are going to strip for me nice and slow. Then you are going to suck on my dick some because you do it sooooooo good. Then I am going to lay you on the bed and I am going to eat your pussy like I did before. But this time I am going to use the vibrator on your pussy and then on your ass! Understand" Cheryl nodded and said "Just dont hurt me please!" I then took off my clothes and I got onto the bed. Cheryl turned on the radio and she started to dance. As she danced she slowly stripped until she was completely naked. Friend, this was to die for. She looked so good!

She then climbed up on the bed and took my alreday erect penis in her cool wet mouth. It felt so good as she slowly sucked and licked my dick. I would have let her suck me off like she did last time but her ass was so inviting. After a few minutes I could feel that I was moving towards cumming so I pulled her off and I laid her back. Now I got to start my move to the BIG ONE! I worked my way down kissing her, her neck and those great tits! I sucked on them as she moaned louder and louder. "Oh, god Duke it is so good do it more, please, please" she begged. I took her pleadings to heart and I licked and sucked on her tits more.

Then I moved my tongue down to her pussy and I swear to god that it smelled even better than the /first-time/">first time! She had it shaved smooth and I am telling you I could have eaten it for hours if I did not want to fuck her ass so bad! But as I licked her clit and tongued her vagina I got the vibrator ready and when she was good and hot I turned it on and slid it into her vagina nice and slow. "Oh, sweet lord" she yelled i am going to come already!" I felt her body tense up as she came! I just kept going, eating her more and working that vibrator.

"Duke! I am going to cummmmmme again" she cried! It was the second time in just a few short minutes from the first. "Oh, please! Please! Dont stop" she begged. Now I knew it was time for the next step. While she laid there I stopped just long enought to grease up my dick and the vibrator. The vibrator was smaller than my dick. So I went back to eating her and she was back to raising her pussy up to meet my face. The third time she did it I took the vibrator and turning it on I slowly slid it up her ass! "Oh, god, OH FUCKING GOD" she yelled. I kept right on eating her and /ass/ass-fucking/fucking-her-ass/">fucking her ass with the vibrator at the same time. In no time she was fuck both my face and the vibrator.

"I am going to cum again, I cant believe it, I am going to cummmmmmmmme again" she cried out in complete pleasure! I had the vibrator all the way up her ass as far as it would go. Then when she went limp, I slowly pulled it out and dropped it on the floor. Before she could say anything I rolled her over onto her stomach. My dick had never been this hard in my life! I then slid up so that I was sitting on her thighs and my dick was right at her /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole. She just layed there exhausted as I slowly started to slid xxx it into her still /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass hole.

This was the best piece of ass I have ever had! I just slowly slid it in and fucked her slow and easy. Then I realized that she was not fucking me back. "Fuck me Duke, please.../fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard" she whispered. With that I turned on the speed and I started ramming it in as deep as I could. I do not know that was in that K-Y jelly but I had the staying power of a horse! "Duke, I am going to cum again" she said with her voice breaking. "God this is so gooooood" she said. Now we were both fucking each other like it was the last time for either of us.

Then I felt my nuts tightening up, I knew that I was going to cum and it would be a big one! "Baby, I am going to pull out soon" I said "I am going to come!" "Dont you dare pull that beatiful thing out of me, god damn it you cum in me" she yelled. "I want to see how it feels when you cum" she begged. So I kept up the pace and soon I felt it getting ready to bust loose so right when it started I shoved it in as far as I could. "Oh, Cheryl, bady I an cuming like a race horse" I yelled. To my /surprise/">surprise she pushed back against me HARD! "Yes, or yes" she said hoarsly. "It is even better than I thought it would be" she said "come on my silver stallion, pump it all out into me, baby!

Now I was completely spent so I just slowly lowered myself down onto her and then I rolled her over with me onto our sides. My dick slowly shrunk over the next fifteen minutes and it slipped out of her beautiful ass. Then she got up and went in the bathroom to get cleaned up. I took some tissues out of the box on the nightstand and cleaned up my dick. When Cheryl came back I went in and cleaned up while I listened to her actually singing. "What are you singing for" I called to her from the bathroom. "I am so happy" she called back. "I have a silver stallion all my own and man can he ride" she laughed. I then came back to the bed and I said "No you can ride this silver stallion like no other rider I have ever known!"

I pulled her back down onto me and we napped for a couple of hours. I woke up to her sucking my dick! What a great way to start or end a day! After I came again, this time in her mouth I let her clean me up. Then I got dressed and she walked me to the door. I held her naked body against me, she felt so good. "Thanks for helping me move my furniture" she said. "You are most welcome" I said as I kissed her again. When we stopped kissing she said "Oh, and thanks for busting my cherry and my fear! From now on you can fuck my ass anytime you want. I will not let anyone else in it" she said with total honesty. I left her at the door as I headed out to the truck and then home. My friend, I love having this lady for a neighbor. I hope something else breaks, needs moving or something real soon! Talk to you later!