Japanese Mob Days

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Japanese Mob Days

She laid on her back, her legs wide as his head dipped between them. She was holding herself up on her elbows watching him eat her pussy. It was an erotic sight, especially when he rolled his eyes up to look at her. His eyes locked with her passion filled eyes; the sight so exotic she bit her bottom lip to keep from screaming, her eyes dark from passion.

He hooked his arms under her legs and pulled her closer to hungry mouth as he plunged his tongue deep into her center, her core. His tongue jabbed into her like a tiny cock. She whipped her head back and forth moaning loudly unable to contain herself.

’Oh shit, Alastair,’ she screamed her head old waman xxxgx now falling back as she gave herself up to his pleasuring mouth.

He sucked her clit into his mouth and rolled his tongue over the hard nub. He literally ground his teeth into her pussy as he suckled on it. He did it so it was on this side of pain; she was that kind of slut liking it rough and a little bit of pain. He whipped his tongue back and forth against her clit causing her legs to shake uncontrollably.

Her legs closed around his head and her hands were on his head pressing him deeper into her hot center. Her hips were bucking against his mouth, her juices smearing all over his face as he tried to keep up the frantic rhythm. She lifted herself so high her back no longer touch the bed as she pushed him deeper and deeper into her /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt.

’Fuck, baby, fuck, I’m so close,’ she yelled as she wrapped her legs around his shoulders and continued thrusting up against his talented tongue.

Alastair put his whole mouth over her pussy and sucked. He thrust his tongue in and out as he kept sucking and shoving his tongue into her like a piston. Her nails were scratching his scalp as she pushed him deeper. His face was slick with her juices as she fucked his mouth and tongue. Suddenly, she screamed and started to spasm. He quickly jumped up and forced her legs open as he drove his hard, small, cock come into her pussy.

He wasn’t very big, barely more than 4 inches, but after giving her head and while she came he could stick his cock into her and feel her muscles bokep sma pecah perawan gripping and milking his tiny cock for all that it was worth. At that moment he had a monster of a cock and her pussy loved his dick. It would jerk it with fast strokes as her body shook with her orgasm. In a few seconds he was spilling his hot seed deep into her and moaning with his own release.

Finally he rolled off her and she flipped her long brown hair over her shoulders smiling at him. She kissed him tasting her own juices, her tongue dancing with his in a teasing tango of eroticism. She pulled back and slid on her A-line black skirt. On the left side it had huge red buttons that went all the way to her hip. Currently all the buttons except for three were unbuttoned showing a generous amount of leg.

’Come on, Kristal, baby, you aren’t getting dressed are ya,’ he asked.

Kristal smiled seductively having put on her red pumps that had black bows in the back. Her caramel breasts jiggled as she stood straight staring at Alastair. He was quite sexy. His olive skin glistened with sweat. He had black hair with red streaks in them, which continually fell in his eyes. His Japanese accent made him even sexier to her.

’I have to go. I haven’t finished writing this juicy story I’m writing on.’

’You’ll come visit me at ’ ’, Alistair started.

’Ah-unh. I don’t know what illegal things you do and don’t wanna know. We keep our relationship purely sex. Great, mind blowing sex.’ Kristal bent over and kissed him again. ’You should get dress and you smell like pussy.’

Kristal finished dressing finding the red v-neck shirt that was sleeveless except for 2 small inch straps that covered her forearms. The rest of the shirt fell just below her belly button. She loved the fashion that the Japanese thought of and it was one of the reasons she hadn’t left Tokyo.

Kristal walked out of the 2 story home. She rummaged through her purse finding her I-Pod and placed the ear phones in her ears. The bass of Jay-Z thumped through her as she quickly made her way across the street. Her caramel thigh could be glimpse as her skirt caught on the wind. One thing about Japan was that either you were very conservative or you were weird. Kristal fell in the American category; she was too conservative for weird and too sexy for conservative.

Kristal made her way to the train station and hopped on the bullet train. She stared at the map. She couldn’t read kanji, but she could speak Japanese. She could either ask someone to read what a sign said or she could memorize routes. Kristal chose the latter not liking to be dependent on other people.

At the stop Kristal got out and went into a huge office building after a small walk. She walked into the lobby; she didn’t have to flash her badge. There weren’t that many black Americans away from the military bases. She went to the elevator and punched for up. The artist changed to Young Brother and Kristal couldn’t help swaying to the music, her hips moving side to side.

The elevator doors opened and Kristal swayed inside and turned to stare at the doors; her floor already highlighted. Every so often the door would open and people would get out, but Kristal never stopped moving. She could see that the elevator was full of men except for her. Kristal dipped low in her skirt shaking her bum before standing back up still swinging her hips. She put her hands on the golden doors, arched her back, and pumped her bum in the air. She slapped her bum before bending over, her ass in the air. She flipped her hair back and straightened forward.

The door ding and she walked out on her floor. A few guys walked out with her, but she ignored them. If she didn’t do something outrageous they would think something was wrong. Besides she was American; that seemed to explain everything away no matter what she did.

Kristal stopped her I-Pod and put it away in her purse. Everyone spoke Japanese around her and Kristal listened to snippets of conversation. Even though she knew Japanese she preferred to speak English. It helped when people forgot she spoke Japanese and would say things they would otherwise keep to themselves. She found tons of secrets out this way.

But Kristal wasn’t a tabloid reporter. No, Kristal wrote for the Japan’s Inquisitive Mind. She was their sex expert. She didn’t have a degree in psychology; she wasn’t a therapist, but rather a very horny girl who got a /sweet/">sweet job. She would find trends in sex, or answer sex questions, or would find interesting things in Japan’s sex world and report them in extreme detail. Also she got to write her own sexual stories and they could be as explicit as she wanted. She was trying to find Japan’s breaking point, but even with 2 /gay/gay-guys/">gay guys, a she-male, 1 female, and a bunch of farm animals, all sexually involve and Japan’s citizens were still begging for more. She loved it. The other reason she hadn’t left.

Kristal walked to her boss’s, Nikagura, door and knocked on it. She opened it without waiting for his response to see his wife, Maki, sitting across from him angrily. Kristal closed the door behind her and stared at her boss and his wife.