The Magnet

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
The Magnet

My name is Faith and this is the story of my first relationship with a woman.

I was 18 when it happened. I just had finished my relationship with my first boyfriend and I felt totally down. Two months before, my brother had a new /girlfriend/">girlfriend, her name was Beth. Originally she came from Nigeria, but studied here. She was 23 and a black beauty.

Some of my friends asked me how my brother could have such a beautiful girlfriend. Beth soon became almost a member of our family. With her appearance everybody liked her and soon we became friends.

Of course she knew about my problems and tried to help me, but I was really down. One afternoon, I was lying on my bed and cried when she came suddenly in. She told me not to cry and tried to comfort me. As she took me in her arms, I felt something strange, it was like a cozy heat. ?Don?t cry, I will comfort you? she said. Her hand fondled my blond hair and suddenly I felt her other hand carefully sliding under my shirt caressing my back. Instinctively I pressed my body against her and felt confused as I felt her full tits and her warm body. ?Everything?s gonna be allright? she said and I hardly noticed indian santali xvideo that we now were lying on bed, embracing each other. Her hands were massaging me under my shirt and went down my back. A warm breeze went through my body, I was totally relaxed.
Like she could read my mind, she said ?Relax? and let her body slide over mine. Her skin was so warm and smooth that I also began to touch her, it was amazing.

Since that afternoon, things went a way I couldn?t control. Their touches seemed to be like a seed which now started to grow inside of me. Every day I began to feel more attracted to her, she was like a magnet. I was very shy at the beginning, but during this time, it seemed that she also was looking for more. My desire to touch and caress this body grew every day.

One afternoon, I didn?t know alain lyle porn that Beth and I were alone in the house. I was /sad/">sad, because I had /bad/">bad result of a test at school. Again she took me into her arms and I was melting away like chocolate in the sun. I couldn?t stop touching her smooth black skin with my hands and things went their way. Our touches got more intense and our breath was getting faster. I felt a strong surge of sexual energy and I felt my cunt getting wet.

Beth now took her chance and I couldn?t do anything against it. I felt her hot lips on mine and as I kissed her, I felt in heaven. Her hands now began to explore my body. Carefully she caressed my back and I didn?t hardly notice that her fingers took away my bra. One second later her hands were massaging my tits. Without wanting to, I moaned deeply and my nipples got hard. Now she undressed herself. It was amazing to see her perfect body with her full tits and her black curves.

?Don?t be afraid, I?m gonna show you all? she whispered. She laid her body over mine and my hands explored her smooth and silky back and her /athletic/">athletic black ass. It was fantastic to feel her warm curves.
Beth was extremely experienced and she was gentle and good to me. First, she kissed my nipples very carefully and I shivered with lust. Her tongue explored every inch of my body. Then she was lying on me and she began to rub her body on mine.

It was natural that I began to join her moves and I felt a mixture of electricity and the heat of her body, it was amazing.
At the end I felt her fingers sliding into my pussy. I was a bit shocked, but she told me to relax. With some gentle touches it took her only some seconds to reach an overwhelming and intense orgasm. It was something I cannot describe.

She was now like a hurricane. I was still out of breath, as I felt her tongue exploring my pussy. Carefully her tongue was searching for the hole, it was extremely hard for me to hold back another orgasm. Then finally she put the tongue into me and began to suck me out. I thought I must die, I couldn?t breathe anymore, as I was finally ?rescued? by another smashing orgasm.
This was not the end, Beth didn?t have enough. As I laid on the bed, recovering from the two orgasms and still exhausted, she began to explore my ass.

?Your ass is so beautiful?, she whispered and with a quick move of her fingers, she started fucking me from behind. She moaned out loud and I felt again this sizzling feeling, though I was quite tired. I tried to escape from her, but she was strong. She pressed her hips on my ass, with one hand she held me. I couldn?t escape and the fingers of her other hand deep down in my pussy tried to squeeze out another orgasm. Due to the tiredness and the weight of her hot body I realized, that I couldn?t rescue myself and that I actually liked this situation.

So our bodies began to find again a perfect rhythm which was only interrupted by our loud moans. We both enjoyed this fantastic pleasure.
This time it took her longer to made me cum, but though I was so exhausted, I experienced an incredibly long orgasm. A few seconds later, I just felt falling into a deep black hole. Beth told me later, that I collapsed, as I woke up beside her some minutes later.

From that experience, I became to slave to Beth. Whenever we were alone, we took the chance and had fantastic sex. If often think about these first experiences with a woman.