Mother in laws arent all bad

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Mother in laws arent all bad

My wife was 8 and half months pregnant and we were staying at her mothers house who was widowed about 10 years earlier my wife had about 2 more weeks until she was due this was a third child and she had a hard time with the last baby so she wanted to stay with her mom so she wouldnt have to do anything because I was working and trying to take care of our other kids well when we stayed with her mother she took care of the kids for us and my wife basicly just rested she was 38 at the time and this would be our last child.

Her mother at the time was 61 and still looked like she did when she was young except she had a belly on her and her tits saged now and she had the normal wrinkles on your face and body that come with age but all in all she didnt look to bad for her wife and I were always over sexed most of the time wed fuck twice a day even after being married for 18 years we still got off on each other.

But now that she was close to delivery she didnt want to fuck she was scared it would make her go into labor to soon and the /doctor/">doctor told us not to fuck anymore until she delivered either shed give me a blow job every morning but didnt want to she said she realy did want to fuck but we cant now because of the baby and it just makes me to horny doing you and me not getting it. I offered to eat her out but she said no the doctor said no sex at all when I cum I contract my muscles and that could induce labor as well.

I reluctantly agreed so I was stuck with my hand one morning I was pleading with her just suck my cock its been a fricking week she said no way Ill get to horny and frutrated just wait until I deliver and Ill fuck your brains out.I was so frutrated myself I went in the bathroom and jerked off but its not the same as everyone knows.When I came out I started getting ready for work she said look I know your frustrated and I hate to see you like this when you get home I think Ill have a /surprise/">surprise for you if I can work out the details im not promising though just I believe I May be able to help you and me .I kissed her and told her its not your fault and whatever she did was fine.

I thought about what she said on my way to work and thought,hows she going to work this out ? Maybe just blow me and still be frustrated herself ? She would buy me a /sex/sex-toy/">sex toy we have a bunch of those I was at a loss and just forgot all about it.when I got home my wife was sitting there and I leaned down and kissed her she said hi hon I have the surprise for you! I said what is it? she said nope not so fast go take your shower and Ill tell you after.I went in got undressed and hurridly took a shower getting done at top spead wondering what kind of surprse shed have.when i was done she met me at the bathroom door and said go in our room dont get dressed Ill get your surprise and be right in. I said alright and went in our room.after about five minutes the door opened and it was her mother and I was naked! I held a pillow over my crotch and sorry about that I just had a shower and hadnt got dressed yet she thats ok Annie told me about your guys problem and we need to make sure she doesnt excert herself at all so she can carry the baby full term this time.Our last was a month premature.I said yea im trying.She said so she asked if I could help out until shes had the baby and I told her I would if you dont mind? I said no I dodnt mind I was stunned to tell the truth but I needed some pussy bad and as I said she didnt look bad for her age.

She said would you like to get a quick relief and then Ill help you better tonight when the kids all go to sleep I said yes please thats fine.she had on shorts and tank top it was summer and hot I was sitting on the bed with a pillow over my dick and she just droped her shorts and panties and bent over letting her upper half rest on the bed white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie and said hows this for now? I could see her pussy from the side it was kinda puffy and chubby but it got me hot and it didnt look like I thought an old ladys pussy would at all except it had some gray hair on it other than that youd never know it was old pussy looked tight an nice to me I got behind her and had a great veiw my cock was hard as steel I could see her chubby belly pressd on the bed under her I stroked my cock and put it at the entrance she sucked in a little air ssssssss.I pushed forward a little and the head forced in she raised her head back and said ummm she was a little wet but not completely I started gently pushing in her and got about 4 of my eight inchs up her and then just started fucking her like that she whisperd loudly ohhhhhh thats nice.Her pussy was tight as hell and started getting soaked with her pussy juice I started giving her more she I watched as she clenched 2 handfulls of bedspread in her fists and pushed her ass back to me I jamed in her she she yelped pretty loud and said oh yea fuck me.I start pounding in her getting up under that pussy so I could hit things inside her she loved it and pushed back hard she whispered loud again im going to cum.I started trying to aim my cock down in her pussy when she said that I started hitting the little bud thats inside women and pushing way past it but rubbing it the whole length of my cock I looked looked so hot I could see her inner skin from her pussy pulling out about a 1/4 inch all the way around my cock because it was so tight. her knees were trembleing bad I didnt think she be able to stand much longer but she surprised me I told her im going to cum she me too again let it go in me. I did and started cumming ahhhhhhhh it felt so good jamming it up her hard 

I kept going until my cock was about half soft and finaly pulled out all of our cum ran out on the floor between us she turned around and smilled at me and said well that was interesting huh? I said yea very she grabed a towel and started wiping my cock off and then stuck the other end up her pussy and held it there looking me in the eyes.She said later Ill take care of you better Annie said you needed relief now so I thought Id releive your full balls for now.I said thank you I apreciate it she said no problem when the kids go to bed well get together again ok and Ill make sure your relieved the right way. Please Jimmy whatever you do dont try and fuck her Ill take care of you until shes up to it ok ? ? I said fine with a smile on my face.She bent and wiped up the cum on the floor grabed her panties and shorts and slipped them back on.She said ok Ill see you later then,very mater of factly .I was cool with me .
My wife came in about 5 minutes later smilling at me she asked how was your surprise ? I said great .she laughed and said I thought youd like it.She said I have to know how was she ? I said shes good.she said realy? I said sure! why wouldnt she be? looked at me and said I dont know you just never think your parents would be good at fucking you know? I said well Ill clear that up now she is.She said oh I see did you like her pussy better than mine ?I said no I love yours better than anyones She smilled and said its ok I guess I dont care if you liked hers I glad you enjoyed it.She said howd she like it though? I said she seemed to enjoy herself. and then I got thinking I told her go see if she realy did like it or she was just doing me a favor,but be discreet dont let her know that your asking because I asked you too ok? She giggled and said ok that sounds interesting Id like to hear what she has to say .I said im not sure I do we both laughed.

She went out and the were in the dinning room I couldnt wait to hear what she said about me so I sliped my cloths on and went just around the corner from the dining room my wife sat down and said so did you enjoy yourself? She honey let me tell you Ive never had a cock that big in my whole life! and they laughed.She said your hole must be sore all the time.My wife laughed and said no I got use to it real quick her mother said ummmmm huh Ill bet you did and laughed. My wife asked so you liked it then huh? She said liked? No thats not the word craved when I seen the size of it I couldnt wait to get it in me its so wide. then I said I just had him do me doggy for now because the kids are all awake but I told Id help him thats a laugh later and they both burst out laughing.and then added honey if you want after you have the baby all help you with this problem as long as you wantt they laughed again my wife got serious and said mom theres no reason after this that if you need relief Im sure Jim wouldnt mind.she said realy ? You think so ? She said why would he,he just shot a load up your pussy 15 mintues ago why would he want to stop? She replied ok thatd be great but I dont want to impose on you 2.You wont be dont worry about it he has enough cock for the both of us beleive me.

The hours rolled by and it was soon bedtime my wife came in our room and said honey im going to sleep in with the kids tonight ok ? I smilled and said so you mothers coming in here for the night? She smilled back and said yeah I thought it would be nice if you 2 had some alone time to get to know each other like a /men/women-men/man-and-women/">man and women.I kissed her and said are you sure? She smilled and sure im sure have a good time.She got up and left I heard her in the hall talking to her mother my wife started teasing her saying oh I see you have full makeup on and perfume too where you going out ? They laughed and I heard her mother say I just wanted to look a little better my wife said well you look great dont worry and told her she was sleeping with the kids said have a good night I love you my mother in law said I love you too and opened the door to our room and entered.

She said I guess im sleeping in here tonight I said thats fine with me she had on a floor length robe.I just had underwear on she said I wore somthing special I hope you like it? and opened her robe and took it off. she had on high heels with stockings and garter belts they were black with red trim she looked like whore my kind of whore,My dick started getting hard right away and I had to adjust it in my underwear she said I see you like it and smiled I do very much not taking my eyes of her snatch I replied her tits /hung/">hung down on her flabby belly but she looked fucking hot to me I wanted to fuck her hard again she came around to me and started kissing and tonguing me I rubbed and pinched her nice silver dollar sized nippled around and the stuck out stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv about a half inch and were pinkish brown she kissed down my belly and started sucking me hard rubbing and lifting my balls and then sucking and gently biteing the underside I felt ilike id explode and told her she said I want you to /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth and then youll be ready to give me a good long fuck and too me in her mouth again she too about half and started bobbing and jacking the other half in time with her mouth strokes I grabbed her head and ran my fingers trhough her salt and peper hair and started burrying her tongue just under the head while she sucked and jacked me I was shooting she drank it all and shoved my whole cock I couldnt beleive it down her throat and started milking me for all she was worth.

When I got so sensitive I couldnt take her sucking me anymore I pulled 3 pillows down and gently pushed her back her legs were hanging off the bed and her ass on the pillows she spread her legs and pulled them back I started sucking her tits they were just a tad smaller than my wifes but still pretty big although were streched out and had some wrinkles it didnt bother me at all I kissed down here belly and made her twitch and jiggle until I got to the top of her full pussy hair I moved my tongue to the top of her crack and very gently borrowed in with my tongue.She grabbed my head and said suck my clit.I teased it /tickling/">tickling it with the tip of my tongue she was shaking and jiggling all over the pillows but she kept her legs pulled back.I licked her hole and she moaned my cock was hard as a rock again a cat couldnt have scratched it.I started nibbling and circling her clit gently with my tongue she started cumming hard she grabed my head and held it and shed kind of start pulling my hair every time she started cumming which she did about every other minute for about 10 minutes.She finaly said I cant take this anymore fuck me.

I didnt need to be told twice I tried to get up between her legs she no let me get on top ok ? I laid down next to her she said raise up I need some pillows under you .I did she shoved 2 under it and climbed up on the bed next to me she smilled and jacked my cock a couple times she said this is going to be nice Ive never had one as wide as this.She stood on the bed and steped over me and started lowering herself onto my cock as she guided it into herself she had one hand on my chest for balance and one holding my cock going in her pussy when it made contact she said ummm she slowly let her weight push the head in her legs started trembling and when it poped in her pussy she threw her head back and sucked air hard into her lungs ssssssssss she was tight and turned on which made her tighter she put both hands on my chest and started lowering herself stoping about every inch until she got about 4 inchs in her she whisperd this is going to be deep in me.I swear she felt like a friging virgin which was completly impossible but her pussy was tight and the was she was reacting if I didnt know better Id have thought she never had a cock up her before I told her just take the plunge and get it over with at once.She had her eyes closed and laughed she said im not sure I can.I said sure you can she droped another inch and started scratching my chest.She still had 3 more to go and it just got thicker .I said I was in you today.She replied I know but this position gets deep inside a women and seems to spread me wider to.I asked her do you want to change positions ? She said no im going to go for it hold on .I watched as looked like she was steeling herself all of a sudden she dropped her weight and impalled herself on my cock I could feel her belly inside her she she screamed pretty loudly ohhhhhhhhhhh I started trying to pump her pussy she no wait just let me get use to you and laughed nervous little laugh.Her eyes clenched tightly closed and her legs trembling hard now after about a minute. 

I started playing with and pinching her nipples.She started raising herself about and inch then letting her self jam back on my cock man it felt tight and good I could feel her contracting on me hard she started getting a little bit more each time out of her until she was rasing herself and just leaving the head in and jamming her self back down on me hard it only took about 1 minute of that and she started cumming hard and couldnt maintain her strokes so I helped more pulling back and shoving in her deep as she contracted and came all over me she leaned forward and started sucking my tongue and kissing me and I sucked her /tits/big-tits/">big tits she came over and over I rolled her over and shoved the pillows under her ass and stood between her legs and just plowed into that pussy I tore it open like it never had been fucked before and shoved 2 fingers up her asshole.She yelped and and started whispering loudly over and over yea /fucking/good-fuck/fuck-me-good/">fuck me good,thats it fuck me good,I needed to be fucked so bad,thank you. I couldnt hold out much longer and told her.She said cum in me I want to feel you fill me cum now.I did.As the cum blasted out of my balls I fell forward and sucked her tits and shot my load up in her for at least 2 minutes.She came with me and we both ended our cums together with her hold me tight kissing me hard.When we were both spent I just left it shoved up here pussy and laid there for about 5 minutes just feeling the wet tightness of her pussy as my cock finally got soft I slid out with our cum.She giggled a little and said I better get a towel or well be sleeping in a wet bed I rolled off her she sat up and grabbed a towel and started wiping my cock and used the other end on her pussy.She said that was great jimmy now is ee why annies always so very satisfied I laughed with her.

I laid back on the bed in a normal position and she said are you hungry Ill fix us somthing ? I said sure she replied be right back .I got up quickly and cracked the door slightly.She went straight to the room where my wife was sleeping and pecked on the door,my wife opened it and I saw my mother in law motion for her to come down the hall.My wife followed her.I closed the door quickly or they would have seen me.I asked my wife the next day what was up with that she said her mother couldnt wait to tell her.She couldnt believe how frigging deep she got my cock up her pussy she was saying if she didnt know better she would have thought it was in her wife laughed about this.I told my wife she wasnt joking she jammed herself down hard on my cock I thought she was going to hurt herself we both laughed.she said you nearly split her open she never had a cock nearly as wide as yours I said again I dont think shes bullshiting you she is so fucking tight you wouldnt beleive she ever had a kid let alone four and then told me my wife it must just run in your family all the women have great pussy.We laughed,needless to say my mother in law "helped us out" out many times after that and still does even though my wife doesnt need her to anymore.I even got my fantasy fullfilled from them and that was fucking a mother//daughter/">daughter at once but thats another story and will follow later.