My Wifes Fantasy

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
My Wifes Fantasy

Karen and I had been married four approx. 4yrs. before I ran out and had an affair with a much younger woman. The other woman is a petite pretty 21 yr.old woman. Im 30 and Karen is 29 yrs.old bbw. Karen really felt hurt when she found out that the woman was only 21. Immediately the two of them started to argue when they met up one evening. They had bickered and had many heated phone discussions, and it was coming to a boiling head that was about to pop. One night my /girlfriend/">girlfriend had met my wifes /sister/">sister at the local fast food restraunt, and the two of them were immediately into a fight. When the news of the fight had spread, and my wife had heard that my fling had just beat-up her sister, I knew that the mustard had just hit the fan. Karen called me over to her home, because at the time we were living apart, I came right over. Karen wanted me to bate my girlfriend over to my place so she could meet her there and settle up on the matter. I thought about it, because I was done with my infatuation with my girlfriend, and I still did care for my wife, and wanted to get back with her, so I knew this would be a few good points for me in my ball-court. 

Karen asked me what was my girlfriends most ultimate /fantasy/">fantasy. I was very puzzled at her question, but I knew where she was heading with this question and I answered that my girlfriends fantasy was to have 2 guys make all over her like she was a godess in bed. My wife smiled and asked me if I knew what our fantasy was, and I had remembered that our fantasy was to have 2-4 guys make all over Karen in the bed. That immediately shot chills up my spine, because I would not at all mind seeing that happen to my wife. This had also reminded me of acat fighting fetish that I saw on the internet. Karen had said that if I set the girlfriend up that she would actually go through with this fantasy of ours, but she did not know 2-4 men that would help out with our fantasy. I then told her that I do. Karen was not at all hesitant in telling me HELL! YES! Three days later I had called Karen up and told her that everything was a go for Saturday night, and Karen said that was great and that she was free, and excited. I had went and asked 8 of my friends and co-workers if they wanted to see a catfight and then be prepared to take on the winner in a gangbang, and to my/surprise/">surprise even the married men were excited to do this, and they all knew Karen. That Saturday night finally came around and I called my girlfriend up and asked her to come over and that we needed to talk. Karen was already there but little did Karen know that down in my recreation room/basement were 8 men waiting. 

The girlfriend had showed up after 10 minutes, and started up the side walk. The girlfriend got as far as the door and Karen had her nailed. The 8 men in the basement was already upstairs but still unknown to Karen, and they were definately the last thing on my girlfriends mind. Karen had messed her up pretty good in very short time. One of the guys was still able to catch every punch Karen had thrown on video. Karen wanted to brake her nose and at least 2 teeth, and my guess is that Karen did what she wanted to do and a whole lot more. As I was dragging Karen up off of her the men ran back down stairs. I had told the girlfriend that the wife and I was getting back together and that she should leave before I called the Police. Karen was happy at just what I had told the ex-girlfriend. I told Karen that she can take a shower to freshen up a bit, because the /party/">party was about to begin. I dont think Karen believed that I had went and put together her fantasy. She went to the bathroom and I told Her to meet me in the recreation room when she was donefreshening up and meet me down there naked. Karen still in doubt just smiled and said o.k. I had ran down and everything I had discussed with the guys was taking shape as far as them being nude, and having the fight up on the big screen t.v. Karen came down after xxx sex video download free com 15 minutes looking very good, and naked, I mean she did not even have socks on. 

When Karen had got to the bottom of the stairs and tuned the corner the biggestsurprise and smile came all over her face. There stood 9 naked men and the ass beating she gave the ex girlfriend was playing on the bigscreen. All 9 men got on their knees and crawled towards Karen, and when we reached her, Karen felt the pleasure of 9tongues and 18 hands all over her body all at sexxxx video ful hd once. If you had never seen what it does to a girl to have 9 men trying to go down on her all at once, then try it. Its was awesome to see my Karen in so much pleasure that I could not keep from blowin my load. I was not the only one excited, because their was not a single limp dick in that room. Everyone was hard as a rock, and Karen thought it was just out of this world to have that many hard dicks and not even do one thing to any of them. The licking, kissing, and sucking went on for about an 1 1/2 hours before everybody started to wank their load onto Karens /tits/big-tits/">big tits. Karen was covered and right away liked bukkake. We all rested, drank a beer, smoked a cigarette, and laughed at the way my girlfriend flew back and landed on her ass when Karen punched her, and we all cheered Karen for not having any mercy when she walked up to her when she was still on the ground and crying loudly, and still punch her 4-5 times. I looked at my wife and she was loving everyminute of it. 

One guy even suggested his wifes ass get beat next, and all were saying how this wasdefinitely not going to be the last get together. Sometime during the party it had gotton warm and I remember one of the guys opening a window and I never thought any more about it until my ex-girlfriends voice came through the window and was asking me to give her the extra key to her apartment. I think we all had looked up at the window all at the same time. The ex-girlfriend seen Karen with cum still all over hertits, smoking a cigarette, and laying naked in the middle of a large bed with 9 naked guys lying all around her. The ex-girlfriend must have heard us all laughing at how she got her ass beat. The ex was either still crying over the pain of the beating she got, or at the sight of what Karen was getting. Karen looked at her and laughed, andgrabbed my already /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick in her hand, and asked her if she wanted to continue to watch or get another ass whipping. The ex said that she was sorry, and that she would never under estimate another fatgirl ever again. 

Karen was quite satisfied with the end result. Karen and us guys still get together every month, and the party hasgotten bigger, and some has even got divorced to be more available. Karen has become the fuck toy of a total of 17 guys as of the last party. Their has even been other wives to come and just watch Karen get sucked, and licked. Karen is the best plump girl you can ever fuck, or watch.